About us

For anyone who loves great design creativity unique style outstanding accessories

Our story

The idea of Creattack was born in Paris. Strolling down the picturesque streets of Le Marais we were enchanted by variety of small shops offering beautiful clothes, furniture, toys… But there was something missing. We’ve been always wondering why phone and laptop accessories can’t be simply beautiful. Thus they can. We spent plenty of time to find products that combine great design and seamless performance. If you strive to find them too, you’re at the right place.

A small thing can bring a lot of joy

It is our motto. We often spend a lot of money on fancy clothes, which most of the time hang unused in the wardrobe. Appearance of appliances that we use everyday doesn’t seem to matter. It’s time for changes! Powerbank, laptop case  or USB cable can also be nicely designed! We strongly believe that using them can bring a lot of joy.

Not only the design

We share with you only the items that we would love to use ourselves. We love good design, but functionality is equally important. We choose only tested brands that use good quality materials and guarantee reliability. We even employ a special quality tester, that is paid in cat food.